Keeping your bathroom well ventilated

Small bathrooms are increasingly common and see a fair amount of activity during the day. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation, or just want to make some improvements, one of the most important things to think about is ventilation. Poor quality air circulation can lead to lots of problems. On the other hand, a proper ventilation system will not only save your home’s structure, it will also eliminate unwanted air and damp. In this blog we look at measures you can take to keep your bathroom well ventilated.

Extractor fans

These are the key to safe and bacteria free air circulation in your bathroom. The best way to remove the moisture is to install extractor fans. They keep the bathroom well ventilated and some come with useful features such as adjustable timers. It extracts condensation and replaces it with fresh air giving your bathroom great air quality.

Keep surfaces dry

To prevent you’re the spread of germs / mould in your bathroom in a damp bathroom, try to keep surfaces as dry as possible. Clean everything that is prone to collecting water droplets. Making this a habit after a bath or shower and this will improve the overall ventilation in this space.


Dehumidifiers can also reduce condensation by collecting the moisture from the air / surfaces in the bathroom. They are portable, which makes them especially handy if other areas of your home are prone to damp and condensation too. However, they can be bulky, need maintenance and are need to be emptied on a regular basis. They can also be pricey and expensive to run.

Heating your bathroom

Heating a bathroom will also keep it dry. Bathrooms that include underfloor heating will normally dry out quicker so keep the temperature high where possible.

By doing the above, you can ensure your bathroom is not subject to mould, growth and damp. Good ventilation creates a fresh, healthy environment for you and your family.